Scaling Automation to Achieve Digital Ambitions 

A recent Gartner webinar titled, “The CIO’s Guide to RPA and Introduction to Hyperautomation,” shared how hyperautomation is the direction all automation is going as disparate areas across each organization need to align “digital ambitions” and begin to look for ways to scale automation, as well as find easier ways to discover new, potential use cases for automation.    

Polls During RPA Webinar Highlight Where RPA Help is Needed 

One of the most intriguing aspects of the webinar were the polls they conducted with over 1,000 webinar attendees. 

Here are the results of those RPA and hyperautomation polls, what we think they reveal and what you should know if you answer the same:

Question One: Where is your organization in your RPA journey? 

hyper automation polls Q1

What does this poll reveal? 

  • A little over 50% of the webinar attendees are, either, just starting with RPA, or in the midst of an RPA deployment. This shows that organizations still need support to start their entrée into RPA on the right foot.  
  • A small percentage are looking to scale what they’ve accomplished so far with RPA and extend efficiency and potential cost savings further across their organization. 

If you’re starting or resetting: We recommend two resources if you’re new to RPA. 
White Paper: Riding the Hype Cycle of RPA Technology
Worksheet: RPA Use Case Worksheet

If you’re scaling: We recommend a white paper we created with IDG and on “Navigating Speed Bumps to Accelerate RPA Success.

Question Two: What is your level of satisfaction (or remorse) with your current use of RPA software? 

hyper automation polls Q2

What does this poll reveal? 

  • Over a third of poll participants haven’t started their RPA endeavors or they’re not sure how to start.  
  • Almost a quarter are satisfied with their initial proof of concept projects.  
  • And, over a quarter are struggling to scale their success. 

If you’ve had a successful POC or you’re struggling to scale
It’s important to learn from others’ success with RPA by reading case studies. Here are two recent stories of RPA success our clients have achieved. 

Question Three: Has your organization purchased complementary technologies?  

Including: process mining, ingestion engine, analytics, UX/CX, machine learning

hyper automation polls Q3

What does this poll reveal? 

  • Gartner predicts that, by 2022, 80% of RPA centric automation implementations will derive their value from complementary technologies. 
  • This poll reveals that, while hyperautomation is still new, over 30% of webinar attendees have already begun to implement tools for process mining, machine learning, and ingestion engines to extend automation success, as well as bring a new level of enterprise-wide optimization of processes, data, and people.   

How are you managing the growth and scale of RPA in your organization 

Gartner shares that some companies have 3 to 20 concurrent automation projects at any given time. What’s clear is that there is a need to bring better governance and control over these initiatives, as well as gain a broader view of where automation can bring value.

Gain Control of RPA Now and Get Ready for What Comes Next

If you’re on a mission to infuse automation wherever it can deliver outstanding ROI, we can help. And, if you’re looking for a way to optimize organizational processes and decrease process debt via RPA or complementary technologies, let’s talk. 

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