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Healthcare faces multiple imperatives, including a push for decreased cost and cycle times while managing capacity, speed, and quality. We utilize a spectrum of strategy and process improvement methodologies along with healthcare automation solutions to achieve operational efficiency, reduce rework and inaccuracies, and realize cost and capacity goals.

Operational Problems We Solve

We confront operational efficiency and capacity problems in healthcare with process improvement and automation-enabled approach. Our goal is to ensure that any process is accurate, necessary, and optimized before standardizing and automating.

When solutions are aligned to your relevant business drivers, the following challenges are overcome and goals realized:

  • Underlying processes are functioning poorly, but there is a desire to automate
  • Healthcare automation tools are not delivering desired results
  • Automation projects lack a thoughtful adoption or onboarding plan
  • Prior authorization has become overly labor- and time-consuming
  • Revenue cycle management and claims denials hinder profitability
  • Complex claims, onboarding, and membership management break efficient operations
  • Misaligned, isolated, or improvements yielding low value
  • Care, disease, and VBC management programs need to scale without adding more staff
  • Collaboration across payer-provider-community points of care require reliable interfaces

Value We Deliver

Ensuring that your people are aligned and executing on the most accurate, refined, and automated processes provides competitive strength and the ability to adapt, overcome, and innovate more easily.  Together, they can pivot to capitalize on market changes, consumer desires, and organizational objectives.

Leveraging our capabilities and experience across healthcare, business, operations, and technology, your healthcare organization can expect to achieve some or all of the following measurable results:

  • Enhanced track record of scaling technology, operations, and programs
  • Reduced cycle times plus increased speed and throughput across teams
  • Reduced rework and improved performance and quality measures
  • Decreased overall cost
  • Reduced technology and operational burdens for consumers, staff, physicians, and community partners
  • Improved experiences, satisfaction, engagement, and adoption


Operational Efficiency & Capacity Services and Solutions

Healthcare Custom Services

Custom Services & Solutions

We work with payer and provider leaders who want to increase operational and process efficiency while enabling teams to work at the top end of their profession. Through process improvement, design thinking, and automation technologies, teams have less rework and distractions with a greater capacity for higher-level work and value.

Healthcare Icons_OECSS-Automation Accelerators

Automation Accelerators

Our healthcare services team collaborates across our business, process, design, and technical teams to deliver streamlined operations at-scale, accelerating strategic healthcare goals in areas like:

  • Revenue Cycle Management
  • Prior Authorization and Claims Denial
  • Care Automation
  • Provider Credentialing
  • Care Management Automation
  • Payer-Provider Interfaces
  • Complex Claims and Membership Processing (e.g. reconciliation of dual eligible)

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