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Interoperability in healthcare requires meeting compliance requirements as well as aligning data flow and systems integrations to high-value care and business objectives. Full interoperation can be achieved when the full stack is addressed across processes, systems, and data.

Whether addressing cost transparency, gaps in care, new care models or core administration system interfaces, our healthcare services and solutions deliver data models and technologies that enable desired outcomes.

Strategic Interoperability Problems We Solve

High-priority use cases provide a compelling landscape to interoperability challenges. Our team of healthcare, data, and cybersecurity experts creates strong, scalable solutions that address functional data exchange and interoperability issues, creating sustainable data strategies for connections that require harmonizing across systems and organizations.

Functional challenges arise out of gaps in care, new care model implementation, and programmatic alignment needs like in population health and care management. Additional interoperability roadblocks are found within price and cost transparency and data sharing across inpatient, outpatient, and community settings.

Tactical data flow and harmonization within and across systems come to the fore when extending or connecting platforms like EHRs, claims, and care management, as well as IoT, remote monitoring, and administrative payer-provider interfaces.

Value We Deliver

Strategic interoperability creates several layers of value across regulatory compliance, business resilience and scalability, as well as operational efficiencies from a reduction in manual effort and in rework that results from data persistence issues. We call it “strategic” because interoperability and data integration are critical to any modern healthcare or value-based care model, SDOH initiatives, or blended care strategy.

Our team consists of multiple disciplines from healthcare, operations, process improvement, and technology. Together, we create scalable, robust data integration solutions that fit the current need as well as adapt well to future strategic initiatives.


Strategic Interoperability Services and Solutions

Healthcare Custom Services

Custom Services & Solutions

No matter the operational, technical, or programmatic challenges faced, our team has a proven track record of improving care, streamlining and automating processes, and supporting business objectives through elegant, scalable solutions.

Healthcare - Interface Manager

Interface Manager

Current mandates for interoperability are the beginning of a new age of healthcare data access and sharing. As this requirement takes hold and expands, organizations can avoid technical debt by having an I/O strategy rather than solving one interoperability or data exchange challenge at a time. Building an interoperability strategy and roadmap that prepares the organization for value-based care and solves for gaps in care and streamlines care coordination, as well as decouples legacy systems and builds upon modern healthcare data standards like FHIR, Json, or Synthia is going to be critical.

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