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Healthcare has witnessed the possibility of unprecedented digital connectedness through virtual care and telemedicine. Traditional provider and payer organizations, as well as new tech-first disruptors, are vying to serve consumers’ healthcare needs, offering the promise of better outcomes via more personalized, user-centric, and convenient interactions. 

  • Create Whole Person Care Program
  • Offer Convenience & Accessibility
  • Address All Aspects of Health Needs

Our technology accelerators, combined with deep design thinking expertise, will help your organization seize this moment.

Blended Health Problems We Solve

We view Blended Health as optimizing and connecting care across a continuum of settings: inpatient, outpatient, home health, remote monitoring and with a range of organizations: payer, provider, employer, community. Bringing together the operations, business models, technology, and data to realize this vision requires specialized business, technology and interoperability expertise coupled with healthcare acumen.

We address the following challenge and growth areas through consultative support and custom digital solutions:

  • Manual data exchange across every care delivery access point
  • Manual workflows required to engage within, across, and between large systems
  • Functional gaps between large platforms and care delivery partners, services, and community resources
  • Streamlining exchange with point solutions, including modernizing organic systems via lightweight investments
  • Connecting and engaging community, non-traditional services, and start-ups needed for the care delivery portfolio
  • Communications among patients/members, organizations, payers, and providers
  • Scaling and streamlining care management and coordination, including manual workflow, data exchange, patient/member and next best action prioritization

Value We Deliver

Our Blended Health work streamlines internal systems, workflows and data exchanges within and outside the organization, improving efficiencies and experience throughout the healthcare journey.  Also, we enable greater transformation, innovation, and growth by augmenting your programs, products, services, ensuring scalability and sustainability.

Unique to our healthcare team, we accelerate results by leveraging patterns, blueprints, and reusable components, thereby aligning process, people, data and technology to achieve your highest purposes and desired outcomes.

Leveraging our capabilities and experience across healthcare, business, operations, and technology, your healthcare organization can expect measurable results:

  • Provide whole person healthcare
  • Top line revenue growth and profitability
  • Scalability to ensure continued growth
  • Bottom line gains: improved efficiency, speed, cost, capacity
  • Improved consumer and employee experiences
  • Reduced technology burden


Blended Health Services and Solutions

SDL Partners - Blended Health

Blended Health Road Mapping

The fastest route to achieving great things in healthcare starts with mapping the journey of incremental steps to creating exponential shift. Our seasoned team of healthcare strategy, operations, and technology experts has the experience, proven models, and senior sagacity to align your people and accelerate movement towards a common goal. Contact us to discuss your direction.

SDLC Partners-HCS-Care Management ala Carte

CM Flex+©

These application modules support crucial functions that are currently carried out manually and have been challenging to scale. Whether there are care management or pop health platforms in place, these microsolutions fill gaps in functionality between systems and maximize programmatic value at scale without rip-and-replace or costly legacy updates. If your manual or technology supports aren’t addressing your end-to-end care management program as needs grow, view our Microsolutions Overview Sheet or contact us for a brief call to determine which of our six defined solutions match your needs.



Take cohort-centric care management to the next level. Create, scale, and access curated patient data at pivotal moments in your care management workflow. Build high-trust, high-touch interactions and engagement whether in the clinic, the patient’s home, or virtually. This platform helps your care management team establish health stability, avoid unnecessary utilization, and address the “whole person” needs of the chronically ill. These types of care management programs have reduced ER visits by as much as 37% and can realize a net $10M+ per year savings at-scale. Contact us to schedule a demo. Plus, access our free Cohort Care Management Value Calculator to quantify the cost impact COVID-19 on your diabetes and behavioral health populations.

SDLC Partners- HCS-Non-Medical Benefit Discovery


Medicare Advantage plan providers lack visibility into “unmet needs” around supplemental and non-medical benefits that could have the most impact on members. This service makes explicit those benefits that correlate to real and perceived value. The insights garnered translates to reimbursements, bonuses, and enrollment increases. We profile your members at-scale to understand their context and buying motivations. For more information, view our WholeCare+ Overview Sheet or contact us to discuss your toughest-to-reach members.

Stress and Wellbeing Application

Just 3 Things©: Stress and Wellbeing Application

Employees need tools to improve wellness and help alleviate day-to-day stress. Built on Dr. Gia Tatone’s “Five Point Model” for a balanced life and the science of peer support, our digital tool is an easy-to-use app that engages through daily stress-reducing and wellbeing activities with the added support of a buddy. Empower employees to regain their personal power over physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing in chaotic times. Contact us to set up a demo. Plus, see this on-demand video about employee wellness and languishing with ActiveOps.

Healthcare Custom Services

Custom Services & Solutions

No matter the operational, technical, or programmatic challenges your healthcare organization is facing, our savvy team has a proven track record of improving care, streamlining or automating processes, augmenting digital capabilities, and supporting business objectives through elegant, scalable solutions. Contact us.

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“The SDLC team ensured that our digital front door leads our healthcare customers, employees, and stakeholders to the right AHN services, medical information, and support.”

Manfred Woodall,
Manager, Enterprise Web Platforms, Atlas Labs
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