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Proven Leadership and Results in Healthcare

Over the past decade-plus, we’ve helped create digital, operational, procedural and financial solutions for our healthcare clients. Our dedication to practical, collaborative relationships and successful execution is a part of what makes the SDLC Difference.

For Health Plans

For health plans, your goal might be to scale and take your care management program digital, transform your claims or revenue management processes for efficiency or streamline quality reporting to enhance STAR ratings, or create new tools to help extend sales and member engagement efforts.

For Provider Organizations

Your goal might be to scale and take your care coordination, telemedicine, or patient engagement program digital, improve satisfaction scores and consumer loyalty, streamline operational and business processes or improve revenue cycle management.

Learn more about our available stand-alone solutions and API, below, or explore our Healthcare Case Studies.

Sample Digital Solutions Created for Healthcare

cohort management icon

Care Management Solution – CareVivo™

SDLC’s cohort care management solution, CareVivo ™ helps innovative payer and provider organizations accelerate the shift in healthcare from fee-for-service to value-based care.

CareVivo™ lets you create, scale, and manage an effective care management program with the level of resources, data access, and community integration you already have.

Now, you can create high-trust, high-tough interactions and have the right conversation, right now.

CareVivo™ is designed to enhance interactions among patients, caregivers, and care managers to improve outcomes and the patient experience.  By utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning, it can automate many of the laborious, administrative aspects of care management and enhance the patient – and staff – experience.

The solution quickly and cost-effectively defines and assigns members/patients to cohorts, collaboratively develops care plans, customizes workflows to optimize the productivity of your care and nurse managers, as well as measures and reports on results.

Access the CareVivo™ information sheet for additional details or schedule a Demo by contacting

claims management

Claims Management Solution

This technology utilizes a GUPe framework to apply business rules to claims data and create a more efficient, auditable and configurable submission customized to meet each state’s Medicaid regulations. It creates Medicaid Encounters for state submission, develops X12 837 I files, as well as receives state response files and format error records to be resolved by a Medicaid operations team.


Product Configurator Solution

Product Configurator empowers product development, sales, and marketing teams to create health plan designs that conform to government mandates and be operationalized in downstream systems while generating internal and member-facing documents.

It minimizes development and maintenance effort, decreasing the time it takes to make large modifications to business rules because of evolving government mandates.

Healthcare-App_Consumer Health Plan Calculator

Product Value Visualizer Solution

This application empowers sales managers to guide their clients through informed decision making when selecting effective health insurance alternatives.

The tool provides appealing dashboard calculators that provide solution snapshots and savings, as well as disruption analysis based on an employer group’s claims for the last 12 months, including how much claims would cost with a new network.

It’s on-the-fly, real-time levers visualize the impact on provider and network changes and effects on quality, cost, and access. Plus, create handsome, customized leave-behind materials instantly.

Healthcare-App_Physicians Referral

Physician Referral Solution

Physicians highly value technology that connects them seamlessly to other physicians. The physician referral technology keeps key referral information centrally located for easy data retrieval and referral decisions. It improves communication between physicians and other independent groups and allows physicians, included in a network directory, to view specialist qualifications, as well as generate, respond and track correspondence concerning patient referrals.

Healthcare-App_Consumer Health Plan Calculator

Consumer Health Plan Calculator

This B2B calculator allows employer groups to receive insurance plan recommendations and premium estimates by entering basic company information. It generates plan recommendation and premium estimates from basic company data, as well as empowers employer groups and sales to find the right solution and work with clients from any device, anywhere.