Collection of 30+ Healthcare Client Case Studies

SDLC Partners Healthcare Case Study Collection

Introducing the first edition of “Stories of Healthcare Success.” This collection is an easy-to-use reference guide to some of our healthcare clients’ most impactful success stories across 14 categories relevant to priorities across healthcare organizations.

Find the right success profile to support your goals:

It can be tough to find just the right story to back-up your strategic recommendations to leadership or the board. Here, we’ve collected more than 30 of our healthcare clients’ most impactful cases into an easy-to-use reference.

The index links all case studies from 14 categories:

  1. Operational efficiency, automation & process improvement 
  2. Enrollment, pre-enrollment & onboarding
  3. Consumer experience, engagement & satisfaction
  4. Sales, customer service & support
  5. Utilization, care management & disease management
  6. Claims processing & revenue cycle management
  7. Digital & software transformation
  8. Project management/PMO, innovation & improvement projects
  9. Software Development Life Cycle & backlog
  10. Medicare & Medicaid
  11. Star Ratings, NCQA & HEDIS
  12. Data access, interoperability
  13. Data analytics, predictive analytics, performance reporting
  14. Executive & strategic alignment

Download the collection and use the Content categories to find the best case studies. Then, contact us to be connected with someone knowledgeable about the cases and the challenges in that space.

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