Introducing the DEFine Digital Enablement Framework

Today’s digital, technology, and business leaders are going beyond “transformation” and looking to build their organizations around a digital operating model that supports enterprise-wide goals and delivers maximum value to customers. This white paper introduces the DEFine Digital Enablement Framework that provides a self-assessment and readiness tool, highlighting the path to realizing your digital potential.

 Here’s what you’ll learn from the DEFine white paper:

  • Three concerns CEOs have around the organization’s ability to execute on their digital strategy
  • Why traditional approaches to technology assessment and planning can’t meet this moment
  • How the DEFine Digital Enablement Framework will help you achieve a better digital operating model and approach to your goals
  • How DEFine is related to DevOps?
  • The 15 principle areas of the DEFine framework
  • The value of and what questions to ask related to each principle area
  • Use the DEFine Self-Assessment Worksheet to answer “Are you capable and prepared to execute on your strategy?”

Assessment Worksheet IconComplete the DeFine Self-Assessment Worksheet and submit to us for our feedback at