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Testing Center of Excellence: A Roadmap for Adoption

>>Testing Center of Excellence: A Roadmap for Adoption
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The centralized Testing Center was experiencing a low rate of acceptance and adoption leaving portions of the organization confused, with disengaged employees and frustrated customers. SDLC Partners’ Technology Services Practice was asked to step in to identify and delineate a roadmap for success.

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The Challenge

Struggling to significantly increase the adoption rate of Testing Center of Excellence (TCOE) services across all testing phases, our client fell below the midpoint of the maturity model and industry standards with respect to test strategy, lifecycle, and competencies. They needed a comprehensive plan to expand upon and implement an existing set of recommendations in order to push them to a more efficient and acceptable rate. Finding answers to the following questions would be critical.

  • What was standing in the way of their quest to deliver high quality applications, with short testing cycles and minimal re- work? rate goals?
  • How could the information already collected be transformed into actionable goals to align with their corporate goals?
  • What are the key high level initiatives and corresponding metrics that will enable the organization to build momentum in achieving their target adoption rate?
  • How can these initiatives be transformed into actionable plans to enhance the SDLC and TCOE model?
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The Solution

In conjunction with recommendations already gleaned, the SDLC Partners’ process and technology experts applied a proven Assessment Methodology to dig deeper into the current state issues. This brought to light a list of specific themes and deficiencies that were prohibiting them from adopting the TCOE structure. These themes were transformed into proposed solutions that refocused the testing team TCOE offering in a manner that articulated a clear value proposition. In a subsequent phase, SDLC Partners was asked to convert the solutions into a formal action plan, complete with actionable goals, activities, and suggested supporting metrics ready to be placed in front of a Steering Committee or Stakeholder Group.

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The Results

Our client was provided a clear vision of how to establish IS testing credibility by filling methodology gaps and improving testing skills and capabilities. They were also armed with a communications strategy to address challenges and resistance, as well as metrics baselines to measure progress and drive quality improvement. Furthermore, SDLC Partners helped them align their action plan so expectations from the customer, operations, infrastructure, and financial perspective could be met.

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“With ever-growing customer demands and market competition, it has become paramount that we improve our delivery lifecycle and SDLC has ensured that
we have done that.”

Casi Johnson, Chief Operations Officer/Innovations Leader, M3 Accounting + Analytics