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Realizing Business Value with a Testing Center of Excellence

>>Realizing Business Value with a Testing Center of Excellence

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Today, corporations are facing the need to develop and enhance applications at a rapid rate, while at the same time reducing the cost of development and maintaining high quality standards. These pressures have resulted in numerous operational challenges for IT organizations, such as shorter development and implementation timelines, globally distributed teams, limited resource ability, and limited subject matter expertise. All of these circumstances impact their ability to deliver high quality solutions. Many organizations have established Centers of Excellence in support of Enterprise-wide testing to increase quality and operational efficiency. SDLC Partners was called upon to play an integral test center role with one of its largest clients.

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The Challenge

To achieve operational efficiencies and to address its business needs more effectively, our client revisited and transformed its testing structure. The client engaged in an initiative to move functional, regression, and automated testing from the development and business teams into a centralized testing team that functions as a shared service. Given the number of applications that were designated for migration, the client needed significant assistance to hit this milestone. They realized that the right framework of support can help optimize the skills and tools within the centralized team resulting in optimal productivity, time to market, quality, and cost.

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The Solution

SDLC Partners quickly assembled a core team of eighteen specialists, ranging from Project Managers and QA Testers to Communications Analysts. They were charged with applying the processes, tools, and best practices for enhancing testing effectiveness across several claims and customer service applications along with supporting the development of the new testing organization. A number of team members came to the engagement armed with a solid history with this client, thus adding significant subject matter expertise to the initiative. Furthermore, SDLC’s Project Manager was selected to assist the client with strategies to bring additional applications into the center.

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The Results

SDLC Partners contributed both quantifiable and non-quantifiable benefits to this client. Through this team’s efforts, several critical objectives are being realized. They include:

  • Assisting the client with a solid foundation to scale up strategic initiatives and services
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction and employee engagement due to improved quality of software
  • Minimized production support costs due to early detection and resolution of defects
  • Minimized time to market for new functionality

“With ever-growing customer demands and market competition, it has become paramount that we improve our delivery lifecycle and SDLC has ensured that
we have done that.”

Casi Johnson, Chief Operations Officer/Innovations Leader, M3 Accounting + Analytics