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Optimizing Visibility to Drive Sales

>>Optimizing Visibility to Drive Sales
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SDLC Partners delivered an enhanced Business Intelligence dashboard for Sales Leadership in the home security division within a major telecom company.

As a result of SDLC Partners’ timely delivery and focus on creating a usable, well adopted tool, the client has been able to gain better insight into many dimensions of sales performance and customer retention.

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The Challenge

Sales leadership for the home security division of a major telecom media company sought to leverage business intelligence to improve sales channel performance and customer retention ratio, which lagged behind other product lines within the company. To accomplish their goal, internal company resources built a basic sales dashboard. This initial effort was well received but needed significant enhancements to create a rich and actionable report that would be usable and well adopted  by sales to make data driven decisions. Needed improvements included:

  • Creation of a Data Model
  • Simplified User Interface
  • Faster Dashboard Speed and Performance
  • Tailored Views by Roles (e.g. Executive, Sales Channel Leader, Sales Supervisor)
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The Solution

SDLC Partners’ Business Intelligence Consultants were engaged by the head of home security sales to enhance the sales dashboard based on their strong ability to listen to the client, to understand the context of the greater business goals, to offer ideas and critical insights. As a part of successful project execution, SDLC’s high performing team:

  • Assessed and analyzed the existing dashboard and data
  • Identified seven key user roles and defined the critical questions that the dashboard must answer for each user
  • Facilitated executive sessions to define the desired and envisioned end state

Worked with the client to prioritize scope and roles and then defined, built, tested, and delivered the two most critical roles in a rapid six-week delivery cycle intended to deliver usable value quickly

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The Results

The client’s sales team leadership gained greater insight into the highest and lowest performing sales channels, products, customer profiles, sales territories, sales teams, and even individual agents with respect to both sales and retained customers. They have begun to identify patterns that will lead to changes In-process and/or products to further drive revenue increases over time.

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“With ever-growing customer demands and market competition, it has become paramount that we improve our delivery lifecycle and SDLC has ensured that
we have done that.”

Casi Johnson, Chief Operations Officer/Innovations Leader, M3 Accounting + Analytics