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Building a Transformation Roadmap from R&D to Software, Device & Services

IngMar Medical is the world leader in respiration simulation devices and software. Their strategy to pivot from an R&D firm into a device and software company required taking a hard look at their business model and goals, their software development life cycle, and organizational culture to ensure they could produce and launch high-quality software, consistently, and meet company growth goals. SDLC Partners used its Business Technology Enablement Framework (BTEF) to create a realistic transformation roadmap.

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The Challenge:
Establishing a New Software Development Life Cycle Process

IngMar Medical had relaunched as a software and product company as part of their nearly 25-year history as a top respiratory simulation R&D firm. Their respiratory simulation software accompanies and supports their respiratory simulators and test lungs. This transition brought challenges typical of establishing a new software development life cycle process – timeline and production estimating, product launch readiness, SDLC governance, and visibility, as well as performance and production management.

IngMar-software development life cycle process chart
Establishing an effective SDLC assesses and addresses people, process, and technology.
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The Solution:
Proprietary Framework Guides Business Transformation Assessment & Roadmap

SDLC Partners was asked to provide a thorough assessment of existing staff, systems, data, technology, and culture as part of creating a transformation roadmap that would support the company’s business model and growth objectives.

We used our Business Technology Enablement Framework (BTEF) to achieve four goals:

  • Understand the client’s business objectives
  • Assess current and needed capabilities across various technical, business, and cultural areas
  • Create a roadmap that would align technology with desired business vision
  • Recommend 30-60-90-day plans that would complement existing long-range plans to achieve transformation

The path to achieving their vision required a clear view of the client’s future-state goals through needed technical capabilities towards a plan that would align people and technology to support business growth.

INGMar Medical, Transforming into a Software Company
SDLC Partners’ Business Technology Enablement Framework (BTEF).

“At this point in our 25 years in the respiratory simulation business, we decided to work with SDLC Partners to guide and advise on our transition from an R&D and device company to a full technology company, developing our own software to complement and extend the power of our products, which help improve respiratory health worldwide. SDLC Partners has laid out a clear and compelling roadmap and foundation for us to achieve our growth goals and transform how we do business.”

Brian Linn, President, IngMar Medical, LLC
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The Results:
Building a High-Performance SDLC and a Culture to Maximize Growth

Because of our collaboration with IngMar, they have a clear vision for their transformation, as well as the 30-60-90-day plans that will fuel their next steps. Our complementary coaching will be used to support their leaders as they embark on action to achieve enterprise alignment, as well as specific SDLC goals:

  • Shrink software production time
  • Realign staff to maximize their talents and training
  • Level-up culture and skills sets across SAFe, human centered design, and DevOps
  • Establish robust SDLC goals including production outcomes
  • Achieve smooth and successful software launches
  • Create a high-performance management practice that measures technical capabilities and reports on successful and needed improvement
  • Utilize ongoing coaching to encourage self-sufficiency

Set the Stage and Align Your Organization for Successful Transformation

Is your organization transitioning to include software or technology products? Our BTEF and proven expertise across agile enterprises, technology transformation, human centered design, and establishing an effective SDLC will give you needed insight, tools, and direction to achieve your business growth goals.

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