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Enterprise Automation: The Next Phase of Data & Reporting Transformation

Highmark Health sought to improve adoption and reliability of their enterprise Security Access Request System for employees and contingent workers, using the latest technology architecture. Their goal was to enhance response times and improve the user experience. They worked with SDLC Partners to standardize their approach based on recommendations from our architectural assessment and design. In light of this SARA project, Highmark’s IS and risk management department was able to achieve a 95% customer satisfaction level and save $300K in annual licensing costs while improving productivity, timeliness, and the overall quality of their enterprise SARA application.   

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The Challenge:
Enterprise SARA System Requires New Architecture to Meet Service Standards

Highmark Health fields countless security access requests through their Information Security & Risk Management team. As a critical interface, internally and externally, their enterprise SARA system needed a new standard to keep up with the latest architecture. Their SARA system wasn’t meeting their standards for downtime, response time, end-user adoption, or satisfaction. Because of this, the IS and risk team had mounting technical debt and enhancements that they couldn’t implement for their strategic initiatives. 

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The Solution:
New Architecture and Tooling for SARA System

SDLC Partners conducted an architectural assessment of the SARA system from a functional perspective, investigating software structures, artifacts, and integrations that could support the future-state vision and desired functionality while collecting stakeholder feedback and pain points.   

Using the current state as a baseline, we recommended an architectural design approach based on scope, enhancement definitions, and roadmap management that included ensuring the system could work with any browser. Our team recommended updates to the architecture and technology stack to leverage more reliable Angular technology.  

“Their ability to collaborate with our team, adapting the Agile approach and working iteratively incorporating sprints was a fresh approach that yielded pragmatic results. They not only rearchitected our cumbersome application to the latest architecture, but they also delivered extra value that we hadn’t even considered would be possible relating to being able to execute the SARA application from any browser (Chrome, Edge and IE). That’s what we like to see from our consulting partners..”

Denise Werkman, Team Manager, Information Security and Risk Management
Highmark Health
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The Results:
Achieving 95% Customer Satisfaction While Saving $300K in Annual Licensing Fees

Through close collaboration, SDLC Partners introduced a more robust tool, using the latest technology, that positively impacted the end-user experience and gave the IS and risk management departments the tools to improve response times, as well as decrease technical debt.

Highmark has experienced fewer defects and a much shorter backlog of enhancements. They saved $300K in annual Java licensing costs. And, they achieved a 95% customer satisfaction score by offering faster, smoother security access request services.

Improve Internal & External Customer Satisfaction with More Robust Enterprise Tools

Every organization needs to pick up the pace of innovation. This client’s success highlights how perfecting an enterprise tool can help employees and external vendors do their work quickly and efficiently. Ensure that your systems are built on the latest architecture while reducing technical debt and creating stellar experiences and satisfaction.

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