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A major healthcare product and service organization was manually processing 800 provider license credential cases a day and needed to streamline and cut down the time and cost of this critical compliance verification. SDLC Partners not only created a successful RPA solution that cut costs by 30 percent, but allowed process engineers to focus on additional projects to support business growth.

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The Challenge

The client wanted to automate the process of verifying provider license credentials for Pennsylvania via the state license website using Digital Assistant. The process began with a trigger from the credentialing application.

Because a business process engineer can only process around six cases per hour, the team had to process 800 cases per day manually. The biggest challenge was the process requires extensive interaction with three web applications causing errors, lower data quality, and less scalable solutions.

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The Solution

We implemented a Robotic Process Automation solution to streamline the client’s Pennsylvania state license verification process. Previously, their process involved verifying data in several applications to ensure the data matched and that their providers’ licenses were active.

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The Results

Our RPA solution was able to process each case in three minutes with consistent results. This reduced the need to touch the same information multiple times and greatly increased the efficiency of their verification process.

Automation successfully cut verification costs by 30 percent. And, the recovered time enabled process engineers to solve other, meaningful problems to support business growth objectives.

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