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Ensuring Rollout Success – HIT Adopts Strategic Approach to Enterprise-wide Product Management 

A large, national healthcare IT organization that provides IT backend services to other healthcare plans under a per member, per month (PMPM) arrangement was in the process of rolling out a new initiative affecting all of their customers.   

This initiative would help the organization implement IT solutions using a more stable operating model but would now require their customers to change the financial arrangement for product and technology improvement initiatives.   

The HIT organization’s initial strategy and approach didn’t consider critical factors that would impact revenue goals, as well as customer satisfaction. Most importantly, their strategy needed to mitigate the potential domino effect this significant change could have across the organizationon their employees, and their customers’ health plan members as well. 

SDLC Partners was once again trusted to help the client devise and implement the rollout plan of this significant change initiative and establish the new plan and process going forward. We were able to use our considerable rapport and proven history with the client to guide them through aeffective program and change management approach.   

Through our collaborationthe client could identify all the impacted areas within and beyond the organization, create a RACI-based rollout plan for their 1,000+ person organization, as well as create all of the documentation, processes, tools, and training that would be needed to implement their new software and technology request management system. The new approach could address customer needs more effectively while building goodwill and satisfaction. 

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The Challenge:
Changing Software Product Governance and Software Enhancement Process

Our healthcare IT client had two challenges with its product and technology management program. First, everyone and anyone within their customer organizations could submit requests for enhancements. Second, most of these requests were beyond the scope of maintenance and were not being billed.

The client was going to roll out an entirely new approach to how software improvement management would be handled. However, the plan needed to engage and address the potential risks and outcomes that could cause more harm than achieve their delivery and revenue goals.

The client wanted to consider these critical questions before launch:

  • How would the new process impact the organization? Accounting for each area that would potentially need to follow a completely new process.
  • How could the new program affect member satisfaction, annual open enrollment, and other factors that could adversely impact revenue, their Net Promoter Score, employee workload, etc.?
  • Most importantly, how can we ensure that we achieve our goals for delivering higher value to our customers while being rewarded adequately for our services and expertise?
  • Do we have a mutually-agreed upon plan with our customers, that serves everyone’s need, in an agreed-upon timeframe, creating a win-win situation for all?
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The Solution:
Product Management Rollout Used RACI, PMI, Change Management

SDLC Partners worked closely with leadership and the launch team to provide program and change management expertise to help the company prepare a thoughtful plan for execution and successful outcomes.

The new rollout plan adequately addressed potential risks and desired outcomes:

  • Identified all impacted areas within the organization and the level of change they would need to accommodate
  • Clearly outlined the RACI framework (responsible, accountable, consulted, informed) for each workstream and activity area across the 1,000+ employee organization for smooth execution
  • Provided state-of-the-art readiness documents to the company’s account team to ensure they were equipped to have constructive conversations with customers about the change, as well as build confidence with customers in the new process
  • Developed a comprehensive Project Plan using PMI® tools, templates, and guidelines
  • Built a holistic view of the program (impact, plans, and timelines) for the senior executives to inform their decision-making process and ensure leadership support throughout the rollout

The Results:
IT Governance Improved Software Enhancements, Software Deployment

At a critical juncture, and in quick succession, SDLC Partners helped the client identify and address the potential risks of the new initiative and create a plan that put planning before execution to help them achieve their desired outcomes.

We created a workable governance model that will guide their entire approach to the new product management request program rollout. The strategy and plan for implementing the new process with customers are focused on creating a win-win for everyone. And, the deployment is being led by a team who is prepped and ready to manage the new program, collaborate with customers for full adoption, and ensure that their customers receive the best software enhancements in a timely fashion, recognizing the value.

Today, they have a robust approach to internal IT project management, can create quality software product enhancements faster, and receive revenue for IT projects that help their customers succeed.

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