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When a leading healthcare provider decided to reorganize and consolidate their customer portal environments under one roof, they needed to tackle both an aggressive project workload, as well as keep advancing strategic initiatives. SDLC Partners was asked to help in supporting and structuring numerous endeavors that could assist the client in reaching business goals. As a long time partner, SDLC was able to assign a top level expert and project team, who possessed intimate knowledge of the industry, culture, and business environment, to assist them during these critical initiatives.

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The Challenge

With a view on consolidating, enhancing, and improving the level of efficiency among core customer segment portals, Senior Executives sought to balance the need for focusing on strategic initiatives against an overwhelming list of tactical activities. They wanted to continue advancing their aggressive set of initiatives by incorporating best practices and corporate standards while freeing up key resources to scope out and design new concepts that could provide them a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Partnering with a consulting firm possessing significant knowledge surrounding their architecture and industry would allow them this flexibility.

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The Solution

SDLC Partners was asked to collaborate alongside client directors and staff to provide oversight, management, and delivery of all portal projects. A first wave of Project Managers, Business Analysts, and Quality Assurance Testers was deployed focusing on driving consistency, standardization, and quality across their respective initiatives. SDLC’s Project Managers are playing a pivotal role by ensuring that all tasks align with the client’s RUP directives, are completed in a timely manner, within scope, and on budget. Moreover, they are interfacing with other appropriate business areas to ensure seamless coordination of cross functional projects.

At the helm is SDLC’s healthcare practice leader, providing guidance to a team of more than 40 specialists. Several immediate impacts have been realized by the client including:

  • Automated testing leading to improved staff efficiency
  • Improved oversight and tracking of project staff resulting in a more optimal allocation of resources in both the short and long term
  • Flexibility and capacity to manage resources at a reduced level, yet the ability to quickly respond to peak demand
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The Results

To date, the most significant accomplishments of the initiative include:

  • Alignment of QA efforts proportionally to business usage
  • Elimination of redundant testing of the same features across different website instances
  • Overhaul capacity planning and estimation processes
  • Streamlined test data setup and regression execution

SDLC implemented a team of 30 resources, including 20 testers, and delivered 37% below QA estimates. Before the client engaged SDLC Partners, the project utilized approximately 1600 hours per release for regression execution. Under the direction of SDLC, the most recent release spanned a meager 82 hours. In addition, the previous amount of time needed in order to complete Data Setup per release was 490 hours. The most recent release required only 57.

Furthermore, previous Production Day verification required the entire team for 8 hours, compared to the most recent release under the model implemented by SDLC requiring half of the team for only 2 hours. With SDLC Partners assuming responsibility for staffing each initiative, translating high level scope into actionable business requirements, and managing the testing process, the client now has a higher performing workforce allowing their staff to focus attention on setting themselves apart from the competition.

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