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A nationally ranked health plan had been using the same online billing system for 20 years, which was a source of frustration and dissatisfaction for its members.

Collaborating tightly with SDLC Partners, the payer was able to launch a revamped and redesigned online bill pay system in just nine months, they learned how to improve their Net Promoter Score (NPS) by an impressive 50-points.

At the core of this award-winning project were three factors:

  1. Guided and sustained use of a tailored version of the Agile methodology,
  2. Building deep knowledge of the existing system with consultancy, and
  3. Taut collaboration among both cross-functional teams.
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The Challenge

The payer client had purchased the old system almost 20 years ago. For more than 10 years, the client had discussed upgrading the online payment system without much movement.

The online premium payment system had been a pain point for members for many years and was negatively impacting member satisfaction, online task completion and their Net Promoter Score.

Before this project, their NPS was negative 36 points.

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The Solution

In order to improve their Net Promoter Score, SDLC Partners not only worked alongside the health plan’s cross-functional team — business stakeholders, designers, writers, developers, scrum masters, business analysts, and project managers – but, collaborated with and guided the team to embrace a new way of working together.

We were part of defining the product backlog and feature decomposition, as well as working closely to execute on the principles and disciplines consistently across multiple scrum teams, as well as support operational readiness, change management and estimation. The client wanted to put the primary focus on the end user and the functionality that they needed versus technical capabilities and project requirements.

This passion for the right user experience and functional needs was carried out by ensuring that sprint reviews and project management looked at, both, front-end interfaces, and back-end technologies to deliver the right experience.

Lastly, because our team was intimately knowledgeable with the existing online bill pay system, we could support a reliable transition from functionality that needed to be preserved while integrating new features and redesign to accomplish a sustainable product for years to come.

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The Results

SDLC Partners collaborated closely with the client team and leadership to successfully deliver – on-time, in-scope, and under budget – a solution that improved their Net Promoter Score by 50 points, swinging from -36 to +17 points within just a few weeks of the new system’s launch.

Together, the powerhouse client-consultant team transformed the online bill payment system and significantly improved the member experience. Additionally, data points continue to improve, including member task completion and member satisfaction scores, as well as positive feedback from their provider partners.

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