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This $12 billion national healthcare organization was seeking assistance to design, implement, and facilitate their annual strategic planning process for the approximately $9 billion health services business. With the support of SDLC Partners, the organization was able to implement a new, streamlined planning methodology that reduced employee effort during the process, while advancing a set of projects that directly support their growth and consumer support strategy. This transformation supports year-round monitoring and refinement as opposed to a one-time process driven by politics instead of strategic needs.

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The Challenge

Historically, the annual project approval process was a bottom-up process with first-level management identifying potential needs. Executive management then approved or rejected projects based on the business unit strategy. In addition, significant effort was invested in creating business cases for each potential initiative, whether approved or rejected. The executive team was looking for an ongoing process which allowed initiatives to be approved mid-year as opposed to one-time, as well as a method to monitor approved initiatives.

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The Solution

Working directly for the EVP/COO and head of this business unit, SDLC Partners’ healthcare and strategy consultants implemented a new process that streamlined preparation for the annual strategic retreat, while ensuring that the process was quantitative and based on the strategic needs of the organization. In addition, the team organized and facilitated the annual planning retreat for 8 SVPs and the COO, including the prioritization process which led to the rationalization and approval of over $70 million in strategic initiatives. Finally, the team supported the implementation of an annual planning process which not only put in a structure to approve additional initiatives during the year, but also monitored the approved initiatives to ensure that benefits were being achieved within the approved budget and timelines.

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The Results

The new process was a top-down effort driven by the corporate strategy, with involvement from first-level management being pivotal for effective implementation of approved initiatives. In addition, the continuous monitoring of approved projects led to enhanced business benefits as well as more timely, on-budget delivery.

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