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The Vice President of Information Services for a national pharmaceutical service provider inherited governance and oversight responsibility for the IS Department of another corporate subsidiary. The executive was seeking methods to better apply project and process governance to the subsidiary’s current-state IS delivery and execution paradigm, in accordance with the company’s operational growth and delivery strategy. Guidance was also required, relative to IS’ human resource specialization, to help optimize future alignment of IS execution strategy to operational, growth, and delivery vision. The Vice President engaged SDLC Partners to provide objective, expert advice through the completion of an IS assessment.

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The Challenge

Mandates from the parent company required the subsidiary’s compliance and alignment against an array of corporate processes and project governance principles. Furthermore, increased customer fulfillment demands required IS to continue seamless, quality delivery throughout a transition period. Given the paradigm, SDLC Partners embarked on an eight-week assessment, focusing specific attention on the following prominent questions:

  • What were the high level requirements essential for the organization to meet objectives of the parent company’s enterprise development methodology?
  • What was the IS organization’s current software development methodology and how appropriate was it for meeting corporate methodology requirements?
  • As the IS organization grows, how could it increase capability and flexibility to rapidly deliver solutions required by the business?
  • What high level organizational structure, roles, and staffing level recommendations should be made to promote efficiency and effectiveness?
  • What governance process improvements could be implemented to help increase IS and business alignment — relative to project prioritization, project reporting, change management, and resource planning?
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The Solution

SDLC Partners deployed an experienced engagement team to apply its assessment service offering comprised of interviews, collateral informational reviews, and related expert analysis. The client was further supplied with relevant data indicating how current practices compared to industry best practice models. High level recommendations were also provided for closing any of IS’ operational or human resource based gaps.

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The Results

SDLC Partners’ experienced professionals leveraged extensive experience, gleaned from a variety of vertical markets, to institute a project and process improvement initiative that aligned with parent company mandates and organizational composition. The resulting recommendations have enabled this IS organization to realize improved and consistent solution delivery to both internal and external clients, as well as significantly increase quality across both IT and the business.

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