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A regional provider was experiencing  financial challenges due to its current  accounts receivable system which lacked prioritization of past due payments. The client called upon SDLC Partners to  implement a new system and  prioritization process which would result  in a more efficient and timely way to  collect payment from patients.

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The Challenge

A large, regional provider was challenged by its accounts receivable system and process to collect past due payments from patients. The provider did not have a sound way to identify and prioritize the accounts receivable payments, which led to a significant loss of revenue. Recognizing this challenge, the provider called upon its execution partner of choice, SDLC Partners.

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The Solution

SDLC Partners’ high performing team collaborated with the client to identify the data necessary to generate the report. SDLC also helped the client create a prioritized listing of the pending accounts receivable sorted by line of business as elicited from the client needs.

After the priorities were set, the solution was delivered providing the client with an automated system developed utilizing Java and SQL database. The system included many features such as error reporting, report distribution, receipt notifications and configurable frequency utilizing Linux, timing, sorting, etc. The SDLC team ensured the design met the organization’s security standards for dealing with sensitive financial PHI data and was also compliant with HITECH and HIPAA regulations. Business requirements, test scripts, application design and source code was fully documented and provided to the client, enabling them to make future changes and customize as needed.

To minimize costs, the system was hosted in a secure cloud environment so the client would not incur any additional hardware fees. The application was also replicated using an Oracle database to provide flexibility should the client eventually prefer to migrate to its environment.

The solution designed was independent of the accounts receivable system from where data was received and could be easily scaled to generate a similar report from other financial systems if the client decided to switch accounts receivable vendors in the future.

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The Results

As a result of the new application, the provider received a low cost, robust and reliable automated system, which provided visibility into its account receivables. By receiving a prioritized and bucketed report, the client was equipped to collect pending payments more efficiently which ultimately improved the customer’s financial performance.

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