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Using FAST Goals to Gain Patient Flow & Care Alignment and Buy-In

A $3B academic medical system engaged SDLC Partners to support their initiative to optimize patient flow, ensuring that the right care is delivered at the right time and in the right setting by gathering stakeholder perspectives and coalescing them into a unified, mission-aligned expression of goals and critical capabilities. Additionally, the client requested the creation of a corresponding implementation roadmap. The healthcare services team used our proven FAST Goals™ methodology to guide both alignment and road mapping in service of the client’s vision.

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The Challenge:
50 Healthcare Leaders = 50 Opinions on Patient Flow & Care 

This mid-tier health system client needed to accelerate buy-in for an initiative to optimize patient flow and pivot from acceptance to action. There were 29 executives and another 20+ stakeholders who could either support or negate the strategy for optimizing patient flow. Uncovering and including their input and perspective was critical to kick-off and ongoing success. If the team were to achieve buy-in with the 50 influencers and healthcare leaders, the team would need to approve a plan and roadmap to guide actionable next steps to success.

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The Solution:
Deploying FAST Goals™ as a Proven Strategic and Alignment Methodology

Our Healthcare Services team led a FAST Goals™ collaborative workshop series with 29 executive and operational stakeholders across the enterprise, which was melded with team-building, engagement, and empowerment activities. We collaboratively synthesized content created by workshop participants and rapidly generated an aligned, actionable program roadmap. 

The team continued the collaboration through Phase One implementation of short-cycle projects inclusive of enterprise focus groups with 50 stakeholders. These focus groups established decision protocols, created an enterprise capabilities inventory, and established baseline metrics to measure ongoing performance.

The Results:
Gaining Consensus with 50 Healthcare Leaders on Five Patient Care Goals and 20 Sub-goals 

Our Healthcare Services team utilized the FAST Goals™ methodology to achieve rapid consensus with 50 influencers and executive decisions makers, conduct system analysis, and establish priorities. The priorities were constructed into two-month goals and 10-week-cycle projects.

We gained support for the initiative/program using a “North Star” goal diagram that included five mission-level goals and 20 sub-goals that would guide patient flow decision-making, operational performance, and overall system readiness.

Today, the client is making progress on 46 success metrics, 46 progress/leading indicators, and 80 tactical quality/performance indicators. They are actively engaged in the roadmap and utilizing the goal management tools we created, including decision protocols, participation framework, and master enterprise capabilities inventory to realize their business and patient care objectives.

Where are your strategic care goals not moving forward? Maybe, it’s an alignment issue.

This case study highlights how our team, using the FAST Goals™ approach brought together 50 healthcare leaders and aligned them towards a common set of strategic patient flow and care goals. We can do the same for your team.

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