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Changing the Trajectory of Project Performance & Supporting PM Competency

A large, national healthcare IT client was experiencing a number of serious challenges with their project management team’s performance and project outcomes. They had a cadre of first-time project managers (PM) who were tasked with leading valuable projects. PM churn was high with new managers cycling through the team every three months. Existing projects were experiencing scope creep as PMs didn’t have enough authority to engage vendors to deliver on time. And, there was a lack of Project Management Office (PMO) standards and structures to ensure consistent systems, training, and knowledge transfer.

SDLC Partners brought rigor, structure, and needed support to ensure that PMs knew the best way to drive project success, as well as the confidence and authority to work with vendors to meet performance targets and deadlines.

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Missed Project Deliverables & Vendors Running Roughshod Over PMs

Our healthcare IT client wasn’t hitting their intended project goals and needed to improve project management capabilities and performance. Their project management teams lacked an overarching PMO and PMs lacked the authority and experience to drive effective projects and meet deliverable requirements and deadlines. Additionally, vendors had too much control over the client and PMs experienced scope creep and missing deadlines.

Shift from PMO to Value Management Office
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Expand & Improve Project Management Delivery Capability

SDLC Partners brought considerable, proven experience to expand and improve project management competency, skill, and overall delivery capability, supporting the client to achieve seven goals:

  1. Onboard additional senior-level project management
  2. Assess and fill PM gaps for less experienced resources
  3. Implement a formal Project Management Office (PMO)
  4. Improve basic project management processes and enhance project excellence
  5. Enhance the PM experience and decrease churn by ensuring access to robust processes and leadership support
  6. Improve project deliverable quality, including reporting, communication, and transparency
  7. Develop and implement a long-term vision for the PMO

We supported the client through PMO assessment, strategy, leadership, training, and coaching. Together, we managed critical client portfolios inclusive of 30-40 projects and set the strategy by:

  • Leading development and modification of PMO standardized practices for project initiation, funding, performance monitoring, and change management
  • Implementing a structured mentoring and coaching program to build internal competency across various PM levels
  • Assessing all in-flight projects to ensure focus on the most critical, troubled, or complex initiatives
  • Reorganizing part of the PMO and its processes, segmenting the PMO into two groups — internal client projects and non-internal business
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Establishing a PMO and Reinvigorating PM and Project Performance

Working collaboratively with this client, we were able to re-focus the PMO and PM teams, equipping them with needed skills and capabilities to execute against their project goals and directives. Our assessment and strategy work recommended that the client eliminate 12 projects of questionable value, which they did.

We were able to institute new SharePoint forms and PMO corporate processes that all project managers initiated into their new and existing projects, showing immediate value. Modification and enhancements to the existing time-intensive and outdated processes and templates saved the PMs an enormous amount of time.

Through effective coaching and mentoring, we improved their organizational project management maturity and individual PM competency levels. We instituted weekly reviews of all in-flight projects, which ensured projects were on track and instituted corrective measures for projects going awry.

Ultimately, we improved project performance monitoring and change management practices.

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