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Employers and their benefit managers continue to face increasing pressure to reduce healthcare costs and drive employee wellness. In response, one of the nation’s largest healthcare providers embarked on a strategic initiative to dramatically enhance its employer group reporting capability in order to clearly demonstrate the value of its integrated healthcare programs.

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The Challenge

Employer group reporting typically integrates, into some consolidated format, information from cost, utilization, demographics, population health risk, care management, and other data sources. The objective is to tell the employer a compelling story of health plan performance. However, this healthcare provider faced a number of significant challenges in its quest to differentiate the presentation of account analytics from competitors in the marketplace. They included:

  • Compiling source data for the report was a manual, time-consuming process that required significant lead time
  • All findings and recommendations, including the writing and editing of narrative content, required a multi-person team
  • No vision existed for future report content, format enhancements, or business process improvements
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The Solution

This national healthcare provider engaged the business intelligence and data integration experts from SDLC Partners to guide and direct this strategic initiative. On behalf of executives within the sales and informatics divisions, our thought leaders collaborated with a cross-functional team of healthcare professionals to streamline the existing process, use governance as an enabler, and minimize human intervention. Content enhancements closed information gaps, and technology already approved and in use allowed for the creation of narrative content which dramatically reduced manual work.

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The Results

The experienced professionals from SDLC Partners assisted this client in transforming the way it communicates plan performance to its employer groups. The solution now represents an integral component of the sales organization’s strategic account planning process.

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