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A national healthcare organization was in need of a sales tool that would simplify and illustrate complex client data, with the ability to drill down into details on an interactive basis. They called upon SDLC Partners to develop an app for sales managers that would enable them to lead the network disruption conversation in a manner that is much more relevant and valuable to their clients.

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The Challenge

A national healthcare client was in need of an execution partner who could develop a tool that would effectively demonstrate the impacts and disruption to a client account by comparing healthcare network options. The tool would help sales managers retain existing clients and contribute toward additional sales.

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The Solution

Due to our existing long-term relationship with this health plan and reputation for successful execution, the client called on SDLC to develop the tool. SDLC’s high performing technology team developed a user-friendly mobile app that could be easily embraced by the sales team. The tool would help the sales organization guide conversations with clients regarding network disruption and included the following functions:

  • Highlights minimal member disruption
  • Geographic information system (GIS) capability – fully functional map with zoom in/out features
  • Accolades of providers listed on the map
  • Information on each facility
  • Illustrate PCMH and ACO practices
  • Illustrates accessibility of network for national and regional accounts
  • Ability to add layers of information on a map
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The Results

The tool has enabled the sales team to effectively engage and influence a client’s decision over complex network and product types leading to increased sales and improved meeting efficiency.

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