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An American global courier delivery services company was challenged by rapid turnover of their Quality Assurance (QA) testing contractors. The frustrated client brought in SDLC Partners’ high performing QA team to be the sole vendor for the project. In just 6 months, SDLC and the client were able to work together to achieve the desired results. SDLC gained the trust of the services company and continues to perform ongoing management of its testing services.

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The Challenge

An American global courier delivery services company implemented multiple applications on their existing scanner (MC55) for packaged shipments. To ensure minimal defects, the services company hired an 11 month contractor to test the scanner and residing applications for quality assurance. Once the 11 month period concluded, another contractor was hired to continue the testing. Due to the rapid turnover, the company was challenged by inefficiencies caused by the time spent training the contractors coupled with the associated costs. It was time for the company to optimize testing by hiring an execution company who would deliver results quickly and efficiently.

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The Solution

The client contracted SDLC Partners to fully execute its testing strategy for the MC55. SDLC would be the sole testing vendor for this project. The team of testers collaborated with the client’s business product owners and development team to get up to speed on the test cases, which were written by the previous contractors. The test cases were updated to meet SDLC standards and were executed accordingly. Working closely with the client, SDLC handed the defects over to the client’s development team, who resolved them, and then SDLC re-tested until the project was deemed successful. SDLC was able to complete the project on time and continues the ongoing management for the client’s MC55 project.

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The Results

In just 6 months, SDLC’s high performing QA team was able to deliver:

  • Improved efficiency – having one vendor allowed the client to reduce training time and minimize defects faster
  • Cost Reduction – Reduced costs through resource optimization
  • Defect Reduction – significantly reduced defects for MC55 and continues ongoing management of testing

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