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SDLC Partners delivered a reporting solution for a global leader in business process outsourcing and information technology services. This included reports and framework development for three state projects (around 500 reports per project) using Cognos and integrating Cognos to the internal system.

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The Challenge

The client faced a number of reporting challenges which were significantly impacting business, resulting in increased cost and unproductive time.  Challenges included:

  • Inconsistent reporting documents
  • Complex logic reporting – which negatively impacted performance and risked impacting additional reports when modified through Cognos framework manager
  • Incomplete capturing of business rules – resulting in development testing challenges
  • Vendor resource attrition – causing delays in delivery due to learning curves for replacements
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The Solution

The client engaged the business intelligence and data integration experts from SDLC Partners to guide and direct this strategic initiative. Our thought leaders collaborated to streamline the existing process through creation of standard documentation and re-useable global codes for one project, which ultimately transferred into two additional state projects. The SDLC team developed report-specific views and pass-through SQLS to be used by the reports. SDLC conducted a functional area review of the report design documents with Business Analysts, Quality Assurers, Developers and SMEs to clarify business rules and update design documents. An on-boarding document, checklist, and task tracker were developed to speed up the transition process for resources. This strategic approach not only enabled the client to increase productivity and reduce costs, but also left the client with the documents they needed to excel.

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The Results

From the 1500+ reports that were developed for the three state projects, 25% were re-useable and the remaining reports were project-specific or customized. The standardized format resulted in reduced time and errors for developing and testing codes for future projects. By streamlining the reporting process and creating standardized and reusable forms, SDLC was able to drastically cut cost, reduce errors, and increase performance.

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