With a large part of this organization’s revenue processed by an aging billing system, and plans for enhanced functionality on the horizon, it was time to make a decision regarding the future of this application. SDLC Partners was called upon to evaluate whether the existing billing and accounts receivable engine was a viable foundation upon which to build future requirements for this insurance client.

The Challenge

Developed in the early 1990’s, this legacy application had been continually enhanced to meet the expanding business needs of the organization. As the client began to anticipate new and more complex business processes, they began to question the viability of the system. Prominent inquiries included:

  • As the organization continues to grow, is the current engine an appropriate foundation to support new innovative products, partner arrangements, and future growth of commercial group and direct-pay billing initiatives?
  • If not, what are other viable alternative solutions that might be appropriate?

The Solution

SDLC Partners assembled a seasoned project team with subject matter expertise and credibility across all target business units. They adapted their proven assessment methodology to conduct the engagement within a 12-week timeframe. Specific components included a comprehensive artifact review, interviews with key business and technical stakeholders, a thorough gap analysis with emphasis on the business drivers, and formulation of alternative solutions. The SDLC experts added significant value to the engagement by ranking each proposed solution according to how they aligned with future business requirements and business drivers.

The Results

Collaborating with internal business and technical leaders across the respective departments, the SDLC team presented a feasibility profile allowing them to hone in on the most reasonable solutions to satisfy the organization’s vision for the future. SDLC Partners went even further, arming their client with a roadmap outlining next step initiatives to address the expansive assessment findings. Multiple years of experience providing both strategic and tactical solutions to this client enabled our senior technology experts to provide insight and take the lead on this initiative.

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