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We Celebrate

We honor everyone’s contribution and support each other in stretching ourselves to help our clients, each other, and the organization.

Recognizing Our Employees

There are several ways that we reward, recognize, and thank our employees and teams throughout the year:

Rewards and Recognition Programs: We recognize those who demonstrate a commitment to our organization, including those who go above and beyond the expectations of their job role. Our annual IMPACT award, and our peer recognition programs, provide an opportunity for colleagues to award their peers for excellent work.

Gratitude Gatherings: Mother’s Day, Father’s day, Ice Cream Social, and Steeler’s Tailgate are some events we’ve hosted to thank our team members for their ongoing contributions.

Fun Activities: We host holiday parties, picnics, and fun events, especially those that engage and include family connections.

Together, we make a concerted effort to create an environment where ambitious employees can grow, learn, be challenged, and recognized for their efforts.

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