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We Build Capabilities

Our people are our greatest resource. Each person contributes to the SDLC Difference in unique and important ways. We’ve created a distinct career culture focused on development and growth.

By hiring talented and experienced candidates who fit our vision and culture, and investing in their growth, we continue to meet the needs of our clients and address the challenges that they face.

Emma Fazio, Sr. Human Resources Manager

Training and Development Opportunities

SDLC Partners offers a unique array of training and development opportunities to support our team members and help them advance in their career with us:

  • Onboarding & Orientation: Hit the ground running and acclimate to your new work-life; includes our Buddy Program.
  • Promotion Process & Career Paths: While we provide opportunities for promotion, we have a commitment to a career lattice where employees are exposed to a lot of different ways to contribute through various roles, projects, and clients.
  • Consulting 101: Fundamentals of consulting at SDLC; an interactive session to achieve consistency in approach, provide guidance on how to excel in role, and provide value to our clients and to SDLC.
  • Individual Development Plans: Seek advice from managers and HR; tools and resources to reach individual goals with a specific roadmap.
  • LinkedIn Learning: On-demand solutions to develop new skills and advance your career. Key to building a high-performing organization and being a destination for talented employees.
  • Training Reimbursement: Reimbursement for a variety of training/classes, certifications, and more to support learning and career development.
  • Technical and Interpersonal Skill Building: Lunch and Learns, practice meetings, study/certification prep groups, and other events.
  • Industry Skill Building: Events, networking, and conferences
  • Leadership Training: We offer a lead development program and a track for managers and executives. Develop skills required for leaders, managers, and executives to increase engagement and retention, guide career development, and drive our key strategies.
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