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NOW-NEXT-NEW: A Rapid Response strategy for solving immediate challenges and adapting to market changes at-speed.

Business, as usual, won’t be possible for a while. Leaders require a new cadence of decision-making and strategic adaptation throughout and beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Geared towards c-level executives and their team leaders, our NOW–NEXT–NEW webinar will share an approach for selecting the best solutions to the challenges you face now, and in the near-term, while positioning for what’s next with speed, scale, and relevance.

Your team can master a disciplined response to demands for forced innovation, rapidly pivoting  products and services, business models, and operations to build urgent resolve and strategic strength.

What’s clear is leaders are now on a decision-making, creative problem-solving cycle where some will survive and others will thrive beyond where they were when the pandemic began.


Scott Barnyak

Scott Barnyak,
Founder, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer  

Jeannine Siviy,
Director, Healthcare Solutions
Business & Technology Strategist

What We’ll Cover 

  • The Rapid Response approach to managing uncertain times and leveraging immediate solutions for possible long-term growth and market strength 
  • The nature of current and future cycles of decisions, learning, and improvement that we call NOW – NEXT – NEW 
  • Practical guidance on how to respond to forced innovation  
  • How to approach near-term problems and strategic opportunities and meet customer needs while enhancing revenue streams 
  • A model for pivoting current solutions and leveraging learning and innovation for longer-term growth