SDLC Dashboard Guidebook

Dashboards are far from dead! They just need to evolve to go beyond “teaching to the test” and provide more meaningful insights that align with business, operational and care delivery goals.

This is especially true for healthcare where value-based care initiatives must deliver multi-faceted value.

When you read and implement our healthcare dashboard white paper, you will learn the four keys to success:

  1. alignment to goals
  2. suitable dashboard design
  3. telling the right story
  4. personalizing them to your organization

Client case studies illustrate key metrics for four mission-critical, value-based healthcare priorities:

  1. Care Management Operations
  2. Workforce Optimization
  3. Payer Operations
  4. Care Delivery Optimization

Each scenario lists the key business objective, the approach taken with this client, the type of healthcare dashboard visualizations chosen and the story behind the dashboard metrics.

Plus, you’ll find personalization tips so that you can tailor these dashboard concepts to your own healthcare initiatives, like care management, value-based care, service and care delivery and maximizing your care workforce.

Feel free to share this page with others on your team and to distribute to leaders who may be looking for a fresh approach to enhancing reporting and making dashboards more meaningful.

Ready to take a cold, hard look at your metric management via dashboards?

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