Abstract: Streamlining High-Volume, Manual Invoicing & Approvals with RPA-based Intelligent Document Processing

A comprehensive, integrated fuel distributor with more than 80 years’ experience and a commitment to personalized service was continually exploring new ways to facilitate their Core Values (Respect, Solve). They began to pursue Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to help employees increase operational efficiency and reduce mundane tasks.

SDLC Partners studied the client’s processes and analyzed each of their stages in detail to understand the suitability of using Intelligent Document Processing (IDP), build upon RPA, to reduce the tedium and effort involved with document processing. Our project focused on intelligently extracting data from invoices received from multiple vendors and streamlining the approval flow.

Our RPA/IDP solution enabled the client’s finance team to process invoices much more quickly, freeing time to concentrate on organization growth and strategic initiatives instead.

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