Tffany Brown

Tiffany Brown has been a LSS Black Belt for five years focused primarily within transactional environments. Her career features experiences within insurance, call center operations, and healthcare. Her seven years’ experience in organizational Lean transformations and implementing continuous improvement programs includes facilitating Kaizen events, training employees, and executives on Lean tools like A3 Thinking. Tiffany has a strong background in building metrics that reflect what the customer views as value-added and implementing Visual Workplaces. She’s a strong proponent of going to the “Gemba” (place where the work is being done) to see first-hand to determine root causes versus theorizing based on assumptions to solve problems. Prior to being a Lean Six Sigma Consultant with SDLC Partners, Tiffany was a project manager and trainer. Her work as a certified life coach supports her consulting by coaching people who want to realize their full potential.