Big Business Decisions Require Big Tech Transitions 

More and more organizations are using outsourcing, insourcing, mergers, and acquisitions to achieve their business objectives. But what’s the best approach to making decisions around transitioning various technologies, applications, and assets into the new arrangement? This large health plan needed to insource a business unit and we created a methodology that they can use to make repeatable decisions about what to keep, replace, or build as they take back the operations of a state-based business unit.  

Feel free to share this case study with operational and business unit leaders who need to support large organizational change with equally grand technology transitions.

Feel free to share this case study with quality improvement and cost containment leaders who need a better view across all innovation projects and want to maximize ROI across all potential success points.

Once you’ve read the case study, what’s next?

Our multi-disciplinary healthcare team can ensure that you have the right support, tools, and technologies to adequately plan large business initiatives in your HCO as well as have the best data and tools to support transition of legacy systems and implementation of new. 

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