A large, national healthcare IT organization that provides IT back-end services to other healthcare plans under a per member, per month (PMPM) arrangement was in the process of rolling out a new initiative affecting all of their customers.

This initiative would help the organization implement IT solutions using a more stable operating model but would now require their customers to change the financial arrangement for product and technology improvement initiatives.

The HIT organization’s initial strategy and approach didn’t consider critical factors that would impact revenue goals, as well as customer satisfaction. Most importantly, their strategy needed to mitigate the potential domino effect this significant change could have across the organization, on their employees, and their customers’ health plan members as well.

Through our collaboration, the client could identify all the impacted areas within and beyond the organization, create a RACI-based rollout plan for their 1,000+ person organization, as well as create all of the documentation, processes, tools, and training that would be needed to implement their new software and technology request management system. The new approach could address customer needs more effectively while building goodwill and satisfaction.

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