Reimagining Medical Cost Reporting Across All National Health Plan’s Projects

The Medical Cost Initiative team at a large national health plan tracks over 400 innovation and improvement initiatives that require regular performance reporting. The monthly process to collect data and provide performance reporting was ad hoc, chaotic, and relied on one individual to carry out the entire process. The resulting reporting data required frequent quality checks, and the team would have to rely on heroics of individuals for timely report creation.

SDLC Partners quickly brought order to chaos by reimagining their workflow into an iterative, agile data collection and reporting process built upon documented standards and training a broader team.

Now, the client has a repeatable and reliable process that has rebuilt trust in their ability to report timely and accurately. They can create reporting, quickly, based on data that is, at most, a week old. They have multiple, trained staff to carry out the new, standardized process and modern, reliable tools to make data collection and reporting a point of confidence and pride rather than frustration and chaos.

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