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We bring the best of thought leaders and advisors, proven methodologies and a hard-won philosophy that successful execution is the key to creating a positive ripple effect through an organization in addition to sustainable growth. To help our clients overcome their most complex challenges and harness the power of opportunities, we offer specialized capabilities within four service areas:

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SDLC know your enemy
Know your Enemy: Mr. Tim Woods
In today’s Clinical ecosystem, when it comes to Computerized Systems Validation (CSV), there are increasing pressures from Organizational Standards (ISO 9000 Series), Governing Bodies (FDA) and other external influencers that can, where not properly interpreted, lead to introducing deadly waste in your Organization that can dangerously erode your customer’s experience and your market share.
New Webinar Recording
We recently hosted a webinar covering how to make decisions between efficiency for cost containment vs. innovation for growth. Access today.
SDLC know your enemy
Five Must-Haves to Ensure DevOps Success in Your Organization
In our previous DevOps article, Disrupting Traditional SDLC for Better Collaboration, Better Products, Better Customer Value, we explored readiness for DevOps. In this article, I highlight five areas critical to ensuring DevOps gets off the ground and delivers sustainable results. These can help organizations get over the cultural, communication and intellectual humps to drive DevOps success.
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