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We bring the best of thought leaders and advisors, proven methodologies and a hard-won philosophy that successful execution is the key to creating a positive ripple effect through an organization in addition to sustainable growth. To help our clients overcome their most complex challenges and harness the power of opportunities, we offer specialized capabilities within four service areas:

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Execution is the Key to Transformation
Twelve years ago, Chris Simchick, Scott Barnyak, and Christy Maruca realized something was missing in the techenablement consulting industry. Plenty of firms could deliver strategies that, in theory, would accomplish clients’ goals. But too often, strategies were left to a client’s internal team that may or may not be equipped to execute.
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We recently hosted a webinar covering how to make decisions between efficiency for cost containment vs. innovation for growth. Access today.
Making Lean Six Sigma Payoff
Lean Six Sigma (L6S) has become part of the fabric of manufacturing. And, even healthcare has seen a decade of acclimation make a positive impact on quality and efficiency. However, many organizations in healthcare, retail, finance and other service-oriented industries have not fully tapped into the immense potential of L6S.